Do Or Die


Paperchase I'm on a motherfuckin' paperchase

Paperchase I'm on a motherfuckin' paperchase

Verse One:

I money mo money mo suck 'em fast suck 'em slow

Even though I gotta pay my bills I'm still on the streets

tryin' to keep it real

Pass that shit let me take a hit hopin' this money ain't


Give 'em 211 get 'em in line and let 'em 20 so(?)

Cut that money let's be up which you wanna ride, the

Benz or the Truck

Back up, get on the one way cuz more Sundays hotter than Monday

Often gettin' trailed by cops, gotta get away by hittin them blocks

Got my glock, never stick middle finger up my ass, known to blast

Keep me down, where I'm from I'm known to clown

Get a dub off a nine, go get a sack, I'm back, pro black

achiever, leave her, thug and ashtray

More to the fact I'm back to the scene, let in the wonder

let all the smoke out

And if Luke coulda broke out

Gotta make more stacks of these, so I Z's for bud in

the breeze, ain't spittin' cheese

What a freak wanna trip off, sip off the lame with the

game, get sick of the man who point the blame

Still a P-O, P-I,M-P, we be P-A,


Paperchase, I'm on a motherfuckin' paperchase

Paperchase, I'm on a motherfuckin' paperchase

Verse 2:

You see my nice Mom smokin', money slopin' 'tween my fo

with open arms when my option is to my mission it's a paperchase

So when you face to face: mom and dollar, keep to the

streets, hit the joints like hollow

Boy better figure if you owe them, better low then

With po-po corruption on the phone double 1-9-1-87, with

a couple of zeros

I'm sittin' the