Bustin Back

Do Or Die

[Featuring Lil Chilla Of The Snypaz]

Mutha fuckaz bust at me you better believe I'm bustin back (x2)

Verse 1

Mutha fuckaz at war an they line up at the door

nigga what you robbin me for bailin with the killaz

took a shot at the door nigga you ain't know

ain't no Art of that War fuck war

we can take it to the streets muthafuck Bone an it's on when we meet

never ride alone cuz I roll one deep

black four-five on me like a sheep, I creep

in the mist of the fog through the dark at your home in your city

it's a pity when you fuck with the Chi

nigga if I die, then you got, dot to the dot to the dot

an why, cuz you fuckin with the bitch killa

like a lethal pilla, an smoke the 9 like a phat philla

cuz I'm a straight at war, nigga fuck a Bone killa

every bitch come ride wit a grown nigga, never zone nigga

step into my zone, nigga feel tha vibe of a chrome

infared beam an it see that your gone

not many men that'll kill in they zone, we strong

mutha fucka wanna run up then it's on, lets go

an you been up to some, no play

I'ma catch you on yo off day

hit yo ass in the head wit a bat time to war play

nigga hoes, an yo wife too, fuck yo bitch an your rap

an yo style an yo life too

ain't no tellin what we might do

Rap-A-Lot muthafucka, an I'm down with the right crew

an now I call for the right 2

split yo muthafuckin head down the center like like atomic

BOOM! did yo dawg an you like who

switch bitch 'fore you ask what which would you die soon

(Chorus x2)

We some windaz, K-I-L-L, kill be killed

(mutha fuckaz bust at me, you better believe I'm bustin back)

Verse 2

Nigga whats all that bluffin 'fo

steady mackin tough, but we know y'all so