Not 4 U

Do Or Die

Verse 1: i was at pix one day bad new year saw a nice lil red-bone it was me ak and naw and dee and ben and my homie named tyrone but do stop dat we was all in the v.i.p. and a grl took a menthol she was lookin real slim like a menthol had a glare in her i that u would fall then she would ball so i did what a playa would do walked up said excuse me i had noticed that u had a pretty smile and a shining in yo eye specialized wit beauty and she fell for it next plan was to head to the bar got the long and the ice-e she was reachin for the rock on my finger spilled my drink on the flo so i asked for the louee thats 1 free come down to the dance flo and red took the first fall i was thinkin in my mind like damn this chicks so thick see that ass wit the lights on better shoots off so i palm the parmajan crippin on the good cheese spit the playerism in her ear baby look here do u wanna do me next thing i woke up she was lyin down tellin me she love me but im tellin her only cause she bubly could she breathe tranna grab tranna stab me it got ugly u could neva be in love wit me im playa to iternity playa to internity pimpin is juss for me.

chorus: pimpin is not for u please leave it up to me no matter what u do cant get a thang from me (X2)

Verse 2: well see i umm had a dream of a grl named alexis layed back in the lexus but in the breeze in the moon light to da park and a dog know whatta brotha wanna do right and i membicate involve da backseat sreen livin like a p.i.m.p. remanisin in the all black lonte c.a.d.i.double l a.c. fire up that swisha i get the pictura dont wanna distract ya but hit ya wit a good lil split ya then i'll juss miss ya cant ride wit my female cause he look talkin bout buta skin skinny thing had long pretty eyes so am i body givin detail we bail to the crib we yellin gang of fun if strapped we could last to dust to dawn party everyday like filay mu yaun aint no love in the doin juss out for fun im at the club if u know what i know even playas gotta slow down caught up in da 90 lookin for a fine bree will a pimp in da hood never see couple mo run lets talk bout sex and um layed back patiently waiting to exhale and umm after lo we could seperate becuz of t