Money Flow

Do Or Die

[Featuring Tung Twista]

Now for some typical reason

I'm rollin up some hoes and pattin my back seat hah

My pimpin lyrical tactics is like a dirty kid flippin on a mattress

Now flex this

Verse One: Tung Twista

Now I just be

On the front porch with a torch ready to scorch

two women peepin me cause really I'm gone

In the zone they havin thoughts of freakin me

keepin me company bumpin me for the privacy I'm on

They can see I'm a cool muhfucka kickin the petty

down with a tango on my razor fade

Peanut butter complexion to silly processions

of bitties a fifty sack got some reefers and a razor blade

Like a game of Spades, crack the bullshit

these days was made for me to devise strictly games that paid

Women freakin me greedy lickin me doin body graffiti

throwin they panties up on the stage, are you up on the age?

Two players in the Chi, you're thinkin Do Or Die

you and I can be naked cause I'm the love that you've been thinkin of

The style of flow is a vocal calico

to show you with the mic I be speakin love, what's the words, weak and


Go to my crib, no need to bring a mask and glock

try not to pass the block, gettin more hot than the astronauts

sippin After Shock

I ball cause I see you all on Rap-a-Lot

let's get parley and then crack the spot

Plenty Henny for my crew and I ain't even broke up half a knot

Keep on holdin me while I roll to be we can smoke or ride

and you can play with me to keep the passion hot

Don't you know how the money flow


Don't you know, how the money flow

Don't you know, how the money flow

Verse Two: Belo

Mmmm, now they peep a brother Rolex

Try and get race car, heavy on the skin tech