Do Or Die

... but somebody's gotta do it

Pimpin ain't easy, but somebody's gotta do it..

[Verse One]

I see lookin all good with a see-through dress on, nails pressed on

Get your flex on, like fuckin off that song

lookin like you gotta vest on

By the way you thinkin you gotta peel with it

But if you cant deal with it

It's all cirentricals baby you aint real with it

If you down then we'll feel it

But thats all them lils said

But licks told we can pick up the looks to the field yo

We can party with P.T.s on T.P. with a tub of hennesse

Three hoes screamin cuz they straight out da hood

Chi-town pimps that all it took

Better yet we can say this party booked

Let's ride to the corner and get some more

On the way back we can pick up some hoes

Show em how to talk em out of their clothes

Handle some freaky shit behind those

See how the pimp be peeped with them flow

Do or Die's all I know

Make em do shit they ain't did before

Number one rule, don't kiss them low

Lemme do my pimp hard


I'd rather pimp youooh yeaaaaaaah (Only you)

Said I'd rather pimp with you(Hey)

I'd rather pimp youooh yeaaaaaaah (only youuuuuuu)

Said I'd rather pimp with you

[Verse Two]

Well lemme address myself I'm Belo 5'8"and chocolockolate

Rollin in my lex you wanna sex reach in my pocket lick

What the dimmyo fo' we start roll up a philly blunt I got silly stuck

Get you high and we have plenty fun

Park in my garage I've a Dodge we can get it on

Flip the script she's grown, now I got her in a zone

N-O M-O-N-E-Y I'm a Po P-I-M-P

Hit this bee and do just fine afterwards just stay low key

Got no time for silly games I'm not trying to get you sprung

I got homies I get down with its not personal but, fun

Do you really wanna ride

Just prove you down and we can get you off slip and slide

with the number one ballers that gon get suckin

Ridin boulevards flex em hard with my mini gat