Still Po Pimpin'

Do Or Die

[Featuring Johnny P]

(Johnny P)

yeah do you wanna ride with me

Ooh ooh

Never can't you take my deal ooh...

I bet you would have lit while I hit on the blunt

Your pager goin' off (oh that ain't nuttin')

Meet me at the crib bout' 2 stop frontin'

Blow to the bone and the click'em some

Caddy gotta be out there tricks on somethin'

The corner of the party where the niggas straight bumpin'

This is for the gin and the hen in my stomach

I'm lookin' at the dope females still comin'

Lookin' to my left and the beats still comin'

Lookin' to my right and the drinks still comin'

Tryin' to shake the dice but the girl lookin' cunnin'

Shot for the door

Where the money start runnin'

To a pause, he ya'll wassup a hey hummin' to the double I proceed to

As I proceeded to the car pulled over to the car

So I asked to proceeds to pass the pees

low cash.

Chorus (Johnny P) x4

Do you wanna ride with me

Do you wanna smoke my weed

never used to take my G

I'm a Po P-I-M-P

Wanna be like P-I-M-P hoes plenty

Comin' straight from the windy

Choppin' up tens and twenty's huh

Lean back in the corner with the dob hat

Now my religion is to ball like a democrat

In the club with hoes (??) the nigga with a hood rat


Gotta dump hat

You call her what you want even all that

I been taught by the best

So put it to rest

And I confess

I may be just a ball black

Gettin' paid in the game and you won't friend

Flippin' pennies to a thug

I'm like an O-G

Go to the mall

With all of ya'll