Nobody's Home

Do Or Die

Baby it's ya perogative what you do

I don't give a damn what he think about you

All i know is one plus one is two

We can lay back while we sip a few

Yeah it's true you can be my boo

Tears to let out or you

All i wanna do is keep in line wit you

Doin everything if it's fine with you

Lemme pick you up at a certain time

Sit and dine drink the finest wine

Ice over Cristal

Lay back peep the the scenery still and a pimp smile

In a little while

Better time and ride out

To tha finest hideout

Silver wrist and a twist

Cuz the neighboorhood homes is a risk

And uh do you really wanna ride wit me

Sit back and hide wit me

Conversate when you fly wit me

You dont need to be touched on

Makin love over rough zone

Playa hater get crushed on

Bumrushed on

Peep the game from a playa

Who survived in the rought streets

Collectin dust on my spot from the cops heat

Hit the block gon shop for some nice meat

I dont roll deep

Just a lil bit o care

Cuz a brother wanna bail to the mall

To ball wit all the blunts

Treat me right you deserve some dough

But never earn my trust

Stop trippin you can wae the bun

Sit back in the smoothe ride

Hit the block for ya homies hollarin two time

And i aint thinkin bout ya other man

All i'm thinkin bout is ends and a tight benz

But it's right there


Ooooh na na na na na na

Nobody's Home Nobody's Home


My four five-oh hit the front door

Got me chillin like a star

Out the ro ro

Place anotha hand on my Georgia bull

But when I got out the truck all the hoes froze