Just Ballin'

Do Or Die

Playas been asking what y'all been doing lately?

Chorus (2X):

Ask what we're doing just ballin

Trying to keep my bills straight stacking never fallin

Caddy or a Lex trying to hit the next plateau

Flex with the roll droppin drooly go go's

I was smoking B's since I was a po po

Got the pimp to my soul so I'll pimp till I'm old

Hold on for a minute let me call my you know (you know)

Over Chorus

There I go steppin out the Caddy or a Lexus, doing my thing,

Just Ballin' trying to hit the next plateau,

flexin roll rolls droppin drooly go-go's

Smoking b's

Verse 1:

You know about uno, two hoes let us flex slow, to the front row,

You know when the hoes be fallin down, think with instinction get


should I mention, let a baller long lead that dragon staggin lidow,

But let me proceed to approach the widow, simple complicated like


Can't smoke a "b" without no weed in it though,

Pimp ala 'g' got her face in the pillow, but really though,

Ain't got no time for a silly ho cause I gotta page everybody and I'm


really yo,

Brother's start takin so I dial until I hit the last number,

Three bad girls from last summer,

La da da drink that we sipped in the hummer,

Meet me on the shore cause a nigga got drummer

I'm still flyin love, smokin dub, banging in the clubs,

Hanging with the thugs and um, conversation too raw,

Bumping all the hoes you saw, never overrest can't go against law,

Chorus (2X)

Verse 2:

Um, shimmy shaw,

Hoppin out the Lex with an arm full of pretty hoes,

Put the Caddy to the side, do you wanna smoke and ride,

Cause you heard that a playa just went gone,

Cause I at