Til My Casket Drops

C Bo

Mo' murder mo' murder

A body fulla tack 2's battlescars from bullet wounds

New clothes diamond medallions from paid dues

Niggas that ride til they rue with the attitude of

'fuck the world' from tryin to kill us everytime we move

You're perpetratin to be a killer but I know you're fakers

Them jealous cowards killed my nigga 2PAC in Vegas

Vague kind of bullets fired we're ready to die with open eyes

I be the last man standin when the smoke dies

This world's infested with haters, wannabe players

Player hatin a real player cos he's livin major

No disrespect to you redneck blood-suckin pigs

If a nigga die, just give my cash to my wife and kids

But what you thought makes the world go round

I got an ese in the East Bay ballin a hundred pounds

Push a 600 rag drop E-12

Dump a 100-round clip in ya, ask about my mail


I try to keep my focus, on survivin and money

Can't let them niggas smoke us, before we unload them talons

Traumatise and hope this is how we leave em when they hit us

With the guts to die, pullin the trigger til my casket drops


Them player haters wanna blast me up like they did 'Pac

But I don't give a fuck I'm a ride til my casket drop

It don't stop until you sucker niggas drippin jelly

Pumpin slugs into you motherfuckin pig's belly

I'm full of indica weed laced with heroin

Call it Kryptonite-on the dead, I'ma risk tonight

Blast the first motherfucker that steps

up to my ride, not knowin where my weapon is kept

I shoot in-side their chests, I'ma thug life, I'm crazy

Got my strength rays to make him kiss his babies

Fuckin sucker ass niggas that didn't ??? ???