Can We All Ball

C Bo

[Featuring Killa Tay JT Tha Bigga Figga]

We dump slugs and fuck thugs for their drugs

When push come to shove ain't no motherfuckin love

Bow down we just hit the town

But we brung shit like Hitler bail em with a Sigma

Switch with the first shot gotta check the spot

Burnin rubber out the parkin lot pointin out the window

Stuck off indo bumpin my nigga C Bo

Bitches all in my business cos they think I move kilo's

I, call my people's on the mobile, gang all over, nationwide


Now I'm posted up in Houston

Texas, ridin the Lexus but it's supremo

Niggas set trip, a solo weapon is essen(tial)

Keep the pepper spray on my car keys, only fuck with hard Gz

Still get my ball on like Clark

Nothin but the California hoggin me

Touchin triggers, real niggas, straight doggin freaks


Can we all ball?

Can we all ball?

Can we all ball?

We take the occupation when movin, my hustle never stop

Check what? Some babies camera's peep the blocks, stash the Glocks

Posi's squashed, ship ki's and here there's thousand dollar bidders

Rim hats with feathers, more money than Perry Ellis

Never known behind ???, talkin "let my nuts hang"

Trade ya the .4-5 and the Tek 9 for a drop Mustang

A long line of killers, drug dealers with stripes

Just schoolin, you're rollin pontentially, could take your advice

We count big face and straight laces by the hundreds

Ragtops and big blocks, gettin the money

Sippin X-O Hen, and I get it for the 1-10

In a convertible Benz, fearin hunted, on twins

They call me Bo-Loc, and fo' sho' I smoke the dodo

and flip the '97 Sport to shake the po-po

High rollers count, tall dollars will never fall

In this shit for