Big Gangsta

C Bo

[Featuring Laroo Lil' Bo The Mob Figgas]

I see so many murders in these Cali streets

I load the strap in the battle won wit death to get beat who ever


of defeat?

When in ??? ??? I keep my eyes on the prize

Cos ain't nobody killin me I be the Big Gangsta

>From up North no pain no gain

Nigga fuck the fame slide the chips and serve caine

Cos I'ma pack a pistol til' I die bitch and fuck you pigs

that got me down on that hitlist, I know you're followin me

You're round in my 500

but I commence to shake you piggies while I'm gettin blunted

My nigga 2PAC died and now you hoes is hunted

I give a fuck, I'll buck you down and stare, whatever you're comin

I gun em down like a chump bitch, and leave em neckless, front seat

like a stamp, bitch, run up and load another clip

and then I vamp, bitch, this gangbang mentality be havin me amped

I like to smoke bomb-ator, mean and rush a hater

Put a rush in gators, shoulda seen when I sprayed her

Live fast, die early, no heart, no glory

25 with a L cos the judge couldn't feel my story

Oh no, not me, I got kids to feed

Shoot my way out any situation til' death do me

Part from the streets, it's mandatory, got packet ???

And I jack it, it's major dope when I rap it


I'm all in for the paper, big bases I chases

I keep a Glock on the side of my hip when in unfamiliar places

I stay ready for ridahs, see I know how they think

It ain't no killin me before I dump caps in they bod-ies

We be the Big Gangsta, think quick, like karate

smash all the pranksters, makin hits like a Got-ti

Drink nuttin but the best, X-O, Hennessey

And when I dies, an outlaw ridah is how they remember me

I bounce into the club, drunk and