Real Niggas

C Bo

featuring Mob Figgas

Verse One: C Bo

Twenty five years old still tryin to make a livin off a

one live then they're only slugs give a nigga

Fuck holes in my chest took my last breath

I squeeze my Mag and I'm taggin him to his death ridah

Surpise the whole block when we slide up

An expedition in business holdin them 9's up

First to die be the first nigga that speak

Murdered to death in the Killafornia streets

I live my life behind a pistol, smash for the cash

Bitch, life is too short that's why we murdered your ass

Give a shout to y'all homies, gave your pussy to a thug nigga

And all the cops they gave their money to the drug dealers

Dump slugs on all y'all piggies, that club nigga

And big dicks is why you white bitches love niggas

A black warrior, finger on the fuckin trigger

Before I die bet they realise I'm a real nigga

Chorus: C-Bo

It ain't no clowin this trick, real niggas'll load clips

Pushin luxury cars, when we dip

It's all about stackin them chips, makin that long money flip

And haters that trip a click to catch clips, for real niggas


Verse Two: Mob Figgas

Bailin times, fuck it, Mob Figgas'll get the bustin

Ain't no exit out the dip, stuck is how I'm livin

Driven to be that male factor

It's like I have ???? a boot cha or do ya out the frame, and loot the cash

Rush ya, bust ya, with fo'-fifths and extra clips

Entrepeneur, check my profile, that Mob nigga now

Pushin weight to my Eastend loc, he called me *?craze is grey?*

Like Tony but never phony, that bitch ???? ????

I'm bringin it to em like this, Mob Figgas, real niggas down to kill niggas

Five niggas