Money By The Ton

C Bo

[Featuring Mississippi]

If you've got a ton of big face hundred dollar bills

How much money would you have?

And every hundred dollar bill weigh a gram

and there's 28 grams in an ounce and there's 16 ounces in a pound

How many pounds is it in a ton?

Got to be about your uhh uhh uhh.....

Verse One: C Bo

I slide thru the 5 double 0 drop S C

'97 Sport and shorts and matchin jew els

Worth about a quarter, mil-ticket is how we dress

True ballers fakin meal tickets up in the West

I know you wanna touch us cos at the clubs you ladies rush us

cos we're all about our cash, luxury livin and hoes love it

Havin money by the ton, Rolex and Bossalini

A nuchi give Versace cologne, now wanna see me

at my best or worst? I gets paper when I burst

repeatedly, heated, dumpin low-low's, you know I'll burst

To get my cash on, I spin the A-1 dolla

For money by the ton, come get it with no soda

Chorus: Mississippi

Money by the ton, that's the way it comes

We all, get paid

Ooohhhh ooohhhh, we make

money by the ton, that's the way it comes

We all, get paid


Verse Two: C-Bo

I'm all about the paper, nothin can come between that

but Lexus, fully diamondback, ???? and bald caps

Holler "Thug", that's what we be, who you see?

Steepin out of ragboys, cornises and Bentleys

Six million dollar homes, we stays to the flow

Now how much cash can you stack in a twenty thousand pound boat?

It's money by the tons, fo' sho' homey and all hunds

And if ya get past the gate, cameras and pitbulls, you can have some

Flossin, no one flosses like bosses do

but caution, when they float cos the wrong step, bodyguards swoop

to protect those, diamond