Hard Labor

C Bo

[Featuring Outlaw Immortalz]

Intro: (Voice speaking)

You rang

Is you down kichy or even might love to me

Payin' bangin' another time

Look we got the trigger to quicker the caper

Fools leavin' they guns

from the guns to the care to the bed to the scoop

In this life ain't nothing they can think off

But working overtime nigga

Some motherfucking hard labor

Verse 1: [Kastro Outlaw Immortalz]

They got my,

Kickin' in dust, dirty

Bust me, they must be dreamin'

Trust me these cowards heard a murder

And they ain't tryin' to see it

They got 'em in there

When I was to young to be in

So now I'm comatosed, shellshocked and barely breathin'


still I respect the game

Test me, you ain't Hussein

Outlaw like Josey Wales

Too tough to try to change

C-Bo, they take me, change no

We just slow at home

Ready for war plus we deadly

Verse 2: [Young Noble - Outlaw Immortalz]

I remember when one of my teachers told me

That I ain't shit, and ain't gon never be shit

Look at me now bitch and fluwed your kid with this

Now we're rainin' on our enemies

Hennessy got me critically,

suddenly, instantly

Knew their planin' with my misery

It's to me from Makaveli the general

Military mind, outlaw with camisole

Critical condition for that hoes he fold

It Hard Labor, knowin' this rap shit might save us

Not from death, but where we came from

Chorus: x2

[Napolean - Outlaw Immortalz]

Nigga, all we do is act a fool is stay thugged out (Thugged out)

And the first nigga that act up was gettin' thugged out

Change the paper...