Deadly Game

C Bo

You know I never was no choir boy

Ya folks got a gang of priors

Maybe that's why the one time's be triflin

Tryin to give a young nigga thirty five to life

When I ain't even done nothin wrong off icer

I have no in fo to offer ya

He asked my name so I came off the brain

Told him "I'm John Doe and this is my hoe Jane"

He said "Smart mouth nigga don't make me do ya"

Put my thumbprint in his high tech computer

My name came back with a warrant, felo-nies

Now they got me down-town, spread my anus

Buttock, I'm like, "What the FUCK is it now?"

He said, "You robbed a liquor store; we know where, when and how"

It's foul, they got a nigga to' up from the, flo' up

My mom, in the courtroom lookin like she bout to throw up

It's a strong armed robbery, strapped in the commision

at my pre-trial conference, D.A. had a proposition

He said if I lose at trial I'd get the ? with the L on top

but take the deal he'd give me five with havin most of the charges


Hopped on the deal quicker than blast, and said

"I admit that, but two and a half ain't bad I got getback"

They sentenced me to five, two I gotta bring

It's only strike one swing, batta batta swing


It's one-eight-seven on the D.A., cause they

ain't tryin to give a young motherfucker no leeway

Yes yes... y'all

One-eight-seven on the whole courtroom, motherfuck em all

You better swing, batta batta swing

Cause once you get your third felony, your fifty years you gotta bring

It's a deadly game of baseball

So when they try to pull you over

1 - shoot em in the face y'all

2 - shoot em in his face y'all

3 - take em on a chase y'