Fo Ridas

C Bo


This one's fo the money


Verse 1

We ridin raw '97 Suburban's wit the chrome kit

every nigga on trigga ready to dome split

got a million

but still ain't satisfied

gold thangs on every old school that we ride

got keys

so many g's

bitches on they knees dyin to get wit these

if a bitch ain't about her money man I can't fuck wit that

got to be down to run the street sellin that pussy or move some yak

ask yo folks bitch like 40 I'm so serious about my scratch

livin like a straight hustla b pass the weed, man fuck a batch

from Vallejo to Sac

pushin new Lacs an '96 Ac's

we roll strapped, lounge wit the money from the game of crack

some million dolla macks gettin taxed for the crack sack

from 'ol skool seven-deuce Chevy's an glass packs

representin to the fullest, the west-side of the map

where we roll strapped wit black ridas stuck in the mack


*(Chrous- C-Bo)*

I was born in hell juss to be a rida

wit lo-lo's an 4-4's an mo hoes fo the ridas

keep my pants saggin stay strapped wit the magnum ridas

desperado outlaws do the dirt

Verse 2

I got bitches like the mack, out to get my scratch

pushin the '9-7 Lac, movin keys of yak

an ain't a damn thang changed about the dope game

but the bitches size the money an the price of the caine

from ruby 13-5's is how we get it

cracked out, the metro packs saran wrapped an get it

if it's money then a nigga, gots to get it

hit it an quit it, but I ain't wit it less it's worth a mill ticket

I'm a savage

about my cabbage

I gots to have it