Wanna Be

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Ohhhh, ohhhhh (so you wanna be a star, star)
Ohhhh, ohhh (never, never, never)
Ohhhh, ohhhhh (you say you wanna be a star, star)
Ohhhh, ohh, ohhh (never, never, never)

I think you're gonna have to find who you are
Can't find your, lane but you wanna be a star
A star, do you wanna be a star?
Can't find your, lane but you wanna be, wanna be a star

[Krayzie Bone]
I know the grind, she tryin to be a star, she goin hard
Doin a hundred in the car but never could make it out the yard
Cause you're stalled; how, when you can't even get it started?
It's probably cause you too naughty to get up in the party
She wanna make it so she'll sleep with him, late night creep with him
He'll tell her he can make her famous if she did him
Suck him lick him, another victim of a "bust and ditch 'em"
Why must you suffer this when really love, what's the mission?
Because you still live in your daddy and your momma house
Shoulda knew homie was not about to go the dumber route
Left you with a lot of doubt, kinda like in a drought
Got no mo' integrity, slow flow, what you tellin me?
There's jealousy goin on, all because she wanna make it famous
and sip champagne with the greatest
So you wanna be a star, the ride you'll take is evident
You'll never get ahead so it's irrelevent (relevent)


[Wish Bone]
Baby girl can sing, she thick, man I think she got it
But they tellin me to watch her, call her baby pockets
So I bring it to her straight, to a real knight
She got herself on protection, we all good all night
She said they only wanna cut, bustas never business
Sometimes she wishes but uhh, maybe then they'll listen
Dirty game, I feel the same
And do I think her career woulda jumped if she just laid down
A tear in her eye, baby don't cry
And then she told me all about her church background
And how she lovin this life, livin this life
Now I think I'm dealin with a headcase
Any heart put it all in, tell yo'self it's a must-win
Apply pressure never give up, laugh in the end then fuck 'em
Stay on yo' paper nigga straight face, attitude nigga pay me
Still wanna be a star, huh, huh? Reach hard!


Hear you wanna be a star, huh?
Think you got what it take to make it large, huh?
Don't even know who you are, huh?
You say you wanted to learn it, huh? You say everybody feelin you
"Flesh I hear 'em" - what a wonderful tinglin feel in you
How straight are your priorities? So the story goes
Chasin dreams, all they tellin them is sacrifice they souls
You really listenin? Learn a lesson from these bro's
Playin the game it's heavy heatin up and down that road

[Layzie Bone]
They say the boy got talent but he can't catch a break
He doin everything he can but he makin mistakes
Plus he runnin with the crowd cause he wanna be seen
Got the tendency to follow instead of takin the lead
We in the league of extraordinary gentlemen check
And if you wanna play the game you got to give 'em the step
Make no impression with expression but you gotta be focused
They don't pick you for the team just because you the dopest
Too many niggaz got the game twisted lookin for fame
instead of lovin what they do, and makin a name
It's a shame how they idolize the idiot box
Feel the pain in television, the deception and shock
And when they finally figure out it ain't about what they seein
Take the money and the toys, niggaz still human beings
All of that ain't jack if you ain't got the respect
Cause a real superstar know how to double them checks, yep


[Bizzy Bone]
I see women givin they bodies like David Letterman love you
Strugglin in the hustle, slangin tapes on the internet avenue
get you capitol shit, know how the ratchet do
Sorry I was late to tell you exactly what masters do
You don't have to sell your soul, no not anymore
Parker Brothers, Ouija board, I covered that Adam whore
Niggaz get their labels but wait, it's a recession in weight
You downloadin on all the industry's veterans
Been a star but bein a star don't pay the bills
Know 'bout the spinnin wheels, baby Bizzy keep it real
Don't open battle seals, no matter who you are
Now get your money, only Jesus can make you a star


Ohhhh, ooh, ohhhh (so you wanna be a star, star)
You wanna be, you wanna be (never, never, never)
You wanna be, ohhhhh, ohh, ohhhhh (you say you wanna be a star, star)
You wanna be, wanna be (never, never, never)
Wanna be a star, star, star, star
Ohhh, ohhh

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