Def Dick

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

(Layzie Bone talking)
Bone enterprise orignization
Playa's of the nation
So pass the pussy on the left hand side, right

(All singing together)
Jump up on the Bone's dick and ride
Pass the pussy on the left hand side
Bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, bone
Bone, bone, bone, bone, bone

(Chorus: 1x)
Pussy's like a joint me hit the shit
And then I pass it
No time to love a bitch cause me a
Crazy assasin, ho's don't try to front
Cause you just can't fight the feelin
So kiss the def dick,Layzie tell em how you livin

(Verse 1 - Layzie Bone)
Layzie Bone is a nigga spittin game just like a playa
I staright approach a bitch, and tell the ho to suck my dick
So come quick, and wrap ya mouth around my dick just like a glover
I tell a ho true nigga, I ain't no lover
So skip that lovey-duby, ain't no need for gettin mushy
So come on, come, come on, come, on gimme that pussy, bitch
And if you trip then you know we true dealin
Cause when I get that feelinnn, I want sexualll healinnnn
Yeah, them stupid ass ho's be passin up they
Oppurtunity I tell you one time exactly what you can do to me
Just lick out my ass and suck my dick until I cum
I'll pull it out ya mouth, and draw a map of where i'm from
Wit my nut in my face so you can tell that I done hit it
To kiss the def dick, and Layzie Bone is bus ticket's
My laziness yo,is not in a sex trick
And if ya dicks up, you'll proably be the next
To get the def dick

(Chorus: 1x)
Pass the pussy on the left hand side
Pass the pussy on the left hand side
But me lick no clit
Me never suck it cause you know it's not me style
But i'll give the dick
Me like to fuck it cause it make me worth my while
Pussy's like a joint me hit the shit and then I pass it
No time to love a bitch cause me a crazy assasin
Ho don't try to front cause you just can't fight the feelin
So kiss the def dick, Bizzy tell em how you livin

(Verse 2 - Bizzy Bone)
Since your on that, bitches talk, I take it easy
But once the lights hit, Bizzy Bone get's sleasy
I kissin on they neck, fuck it move down to the tit
My lips won't go no further cause from then i'll miss the dick
Of course I like a pussy when it's gushy, and all wet
I'm done to bang that apple pie for hour's then I jet
I'll never buy them prostitute's when I stand
I hate them baldhead bitches wit no finger nail's on they hand
SOOO, please don't scratch my back
No hickey's after we fuck, fuck, fuck
Cause if you do then you'll be messin me game up
Ho, I ain't the one, so now you know how it's done
Not done like???, just down for a hit and run
So they're for come do me if you got tittie's and butt
And you'll enjoy the fuck, it takes a while 'fore I nut
See left this dick homie, and I can't eat clit
So this the muthafuckin, ever fuckin
Get the, get the, get the def dick

(Chorus: 1x)

(Verse 3 - Krayzie Bone)
Well I'ma two timin ho, gave on this little G, oh
I'll snatch yo bitch out the open
And take her staright to the mo'
See bitch get ready for the stickin
Cause if fuckin bitches, and sluts, tramps, and ho's
Cause that's the way that pimp shit goes
And once the def dick's on the loose
So bitch you can't escape
So hold this feelin, cause if you don't, i'm thinkin rape
Krayzie Bone is the member of the def dick crew
Ayo Bone, let's tell these nigga's what we want em to do
Now just point ya dicks in the air
And bitches grab em like you just don't care
And if you nigga's get pussy, and y'all don't need to jack off
Then all you nigga's say, hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah
And ya don't stop, I keep on bangin the ho's
Cause Krayzie Bone is not a faggot
I need me some pussy, and plus my crew is gotta have it
I gotta bust a nut real quick bitch
So hurry up and put ya lips up on the def dick

(Chorus: 1x)

*All Singing Together*
We know we staright take a ho, staright to the mo'
And say we Bone we know the place to go
Now I say, now I say, now I say now
Me like the pussy, me like the pussy, hey
Me like the pussy, me like the pussy, hey
I said now, cum, now cum, and make me cum
I say now cum, cum, cum, and make me cum
Yeah, Krayzie Bone's in the house
We do the pussy like this

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