Look Into My Eyez

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

We Thuggish Ruggish niggaz always
And we ready to bring a War with you man, with you man
Look into my eyez and tell me what it is you see
(would you look into my eyez)
Look into my eyez and tell me what it is you see
(would you tell me what)

Comin through the door with my militia
wanna give break to big niggaz fuck ya'll
but there ain't no bodyguardz
I'm diggin in Soldier Killaz, been
livin all my live long niggaz always maintained
givin my babies all of my money but my diamonds
still will be shining my game
you know me homies got mo love
and I'm blessed when I'm rollin my sentence
cuz I'm blessed with Mo Thug
gotta keep the Lord up over my shoulders Jesus
sent me his roll, a loco sober on a revolver
hold em down buck em all to Hell cuz I'll sho'nuff
let them see that the bullet hole was too much
no luck to get "Doed" up
all of your niggaz is out the surges, say that
your body better not get sawed off
hold up and wait a minute its time for MO THUG
bet ya'll niggaz need to get read



Its a feelin a day when they hate to see me
but they can never fade me
them stuffed in the trunk of my Mercedes, Krayzie ready
and you can believe it
true when you leavin, wanna get even?
We get even, finna set it off in Cleveland
welcome to the party but no Pro-BONE imitators allowed
cuz we ain't tryin to front nobody, but you rap with a Bone-ify
everybody say the same thing way back in the days
a couple might have been twisted
but man really been caught what they sayin man
cuz if he did, wouldn't go ballistic
now if you could LOOK INTO MY EYEZ and tell me directly what
you see I'd tell you that
your probably seeing revenge and its filling within
buck em all if I can't get my respect
come on ya'll put them to red (red)
with a ugly ugly mess but never the less we won't stress it


All I see is a soldier, pistol and holster givin you the most
a toast to them thugs
it be nothing but the love and bud that we brought to the table
and these haters wanna test get slugged put em in the mud
Harmony smooth with Thugness, Mo Murda to the fools that cloned
5 true thugs down for the roughness
and its one when you grab these Bones, we can get it on
and I'm frontin all ya fakers
ya'll know who you are when ya'll tried that
rollin with the East since 93 shuttin shit down in the
industry, nigga can you buy that? I know
everybody wanna roll with Pros and make friends to foes
but we're Chosen
God done blessed us with this potion
pure devotion freely spoken baby
you don't wanna see the BONE ever, see together
my click too clever
ridin through the days of the stormy weather
remember Eternal it means forever lasting #1
Assassin blastin, bashin on all you haters with boards
all the Heavens gonna be ruined, truez when He come we won't be
losing, prove them wrong. . .


I see five Thuggish Ruggish them ready to roll wherever I go
true to prove that you ain't wanna be a killa but I gotta get down
for mine thats for sho'
he out there clownin around, you rhyme
the style you got is all mine
when I see you bitch I'm going in your pockets
double-time and its like that
you don't want that come and get some pap-pap
wanna sound like, wanna be like uh
now you know we can't have dat
why you clones wanna bite the Bone's raps? Platinum raps
everybody startin ain't doing nothin, trying to
make something out of nothin, buck it lets peel caps
lyrically put em down,Bone put him in his place
you one of you biters, you biters, you biters, you biters
you biters hey now Look Into My Eyez bet you'll see
a really thuggin Thug, puttin it down for HARMONY

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