Pump Pump

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


That's right Bone Thugs-N-Harmony back up in this muthafucka

Nigga, duce double 0 duce

Lay, B, Wish Flesh

(Bone Thug Bone Thug Bone Thug)

I think its time we take these niggas back to the god-damn streets (swattin nigga)

And gave these niggas some of that original (original cleveland heat) heat

Thuggish ruggish bone see

Gun stack off


See a nigga got fully automatics and I let them loose

Tha 12 gauge two grenades nigga got them too

Ya damn right I shoot

If a nigga run up on you I'ma get him and I spill like I s'posed to do

And If I roll wit you

Ima be that little nigga off the hook man

Talk about look man

If I see anigga disrespect one mo time

Put out my foot on his line and leave him burnt up cookin

Yeah I break off off my heat cuz when I'm in the streets

And I hit these streets

I'ma keep my peace until a nigga want beef

But If he fuckin wit me then Ima turn raw meat cuz

I'm just a Bone Thug little bitty nigga wit strong nutz

Platinum eva since E put us down

You know the talk of the town them long bud

Now you fuckin wit a lion strugglin tryin to see these thugs

Tryna get rid of us like the war on drugs

But a nigga keep comin like I told you he was

So lemme close the door

Don't be comin to this muthafucka knockin

Lookin for some action

I'ma tell you right now what's happenin

Nigga it's our time and hell yeah we blastin

[Chorus; Krayzie]

If yall muthafuckas think we willin

P-U-M-P nigga come on wit it

You ain't gotta listen nigga Ima make you feel it

Pump, Pump, Buck buck buck buck buck

Buck buck

If yall muthafuckas think we willin

P-U-M-P nigga come on wit it

You ain't gotta listen but I'ma let you hear it

Pump, Pump, Buck buck buck buck buck

Buck buck


Leathaface in the place and I'm warned you niggas

I'm coming quicker than a goddamn missile

Movin and huntin, steady winnin out a nigga

With penetration equivalent to muthafuckin pistols

I get up in ya system cripple a nigga quick

I'm rippin a nigga shit like grippin a nigga bitch and sell this

You see I shoot fo the temple

I'ma try to bust a nigga mental in the middle of his dome

Back up in this muthafucka wait a minute nigga we neva left

Ain't even got started yet (yeah)

We kickin in the muthafuckin door

Once again for war so nigga get ya army ready

I got a nation of niggas ready to fuck up the enemy

If i give em the oil them nigga show me they warriors

All ova we victorious takin ova ya territory

Notorious and devil-alition and we know a level

All you feel it when I kill it hit it spit it

Get it crackin in this muthafucka right when we the illest

Same muthafuckas got the fuck up outta Cleveland

Nigga we came up but we still creepin

And we still put it down nigga even though we four strong

Flesh gone come home, Bone gone stay Bone

When the 5th Dawg gets loose it gone be on



It's the original bang bang and I don't give a fuck about none of these muthafuckas

Still get down foe my damn thang

Tell a nigga that I concentrate come on down to the land let us blastinate

People lookin at me li

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