All The Way

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony



Bone Thugs in this mutha wha wha wha...

Yea, big Wish in this motherfucka

What's up my nigga...

Lil Lay I love you nigga

Ya know what Im sayin

KB somewhere roamin around here gettin some...

You know what it is

My niggaz

We about to go all the way...

All The Way

And we gone make it to the top, on the stage, from the cradle to the grave...


You willing to test the flesh, oh yes

So don't even stress what ya heard

Cause niggaz Bone Thugs together forever

Splittin apart is absurd

I wish they'd stop with all of these rumors

Cause we ain't goin nowhere baby this is for life...


And this, ya see

Gotta know where I come from

Then you'll feel me

I ain't goin back where I come from

Been blessed with a mission

I'm waitin', you sleep, they listen

What more can you ask

We look and we laugh

Completed fifty percent of that mission right in that ass


Yo nigga, we did it we went and we got it

We did it all, all by ourself

Little help from E. - Eternal

We wouldn't never forget him

No, not for wealth

Still our grind when we put this down

It'll be my niggaz, we out on a grind

Together forever still one of a kind

Got love for the thugs, not blind...


Mentality, I was the one who was trippin

But now we got fifty-fifty

And we breakin' em off with a rhythm

Momentum, and get 'em

Remember them, never surrender, protectin' the children

And I don't want anymore problems

Gentleman, let's get paid to party

Givin em something they can feel

Bone Thugs~n~Harmony...

chorus [x4]


It's Charles, Bryan and Steven

Anthony and Stanley, nigga this family

And yes we are the only thugs with grammys

Mash the giggling, jiggling, swerving and ribbonin it while they crakin up off me

I must be inv

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