Bone Bone Bone

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


Who be the niggas that's sneakin' the pistol up in the party

Drinkin' that 151 Bacardi

Drunk and finna fuck up somebody... (Bone Thugs)

Keepin' it realer than real in the field

Niggas that's packin' that steel

Who be the niggas that soldover 30 million strong... (Bone Thugs)

Who be the niggas in black

Who be the niggas with straps

Who be the niggas that's bustin' back at the got-damned law... (Bone Thugs)

Who be the niggas that "Crept On Ah Comeup" and did it Eazy

Who be the niggas that's daily got down foe they thang leadin'

Cleveland... (Bone Thugs)

Smokin' the weed or the fever, the reefer

that keep em a pot of the sweetest cheeba

Nigga y'all...

Y'all know who that is... (Bone Thugs)

Them niggas that sing, them niggas that rap

They got everybody tryin' to do that

Fuck recognize, nigga ya better respect, who...who...who... (Bone Thugs)

I told these niggas that Bone is the shit

So keep on rollin ya spliff

And smoke a blunt to this shit... (Bone Thugs)...


Who was the niggas that thugged in the streets, number one on the charts

And who was the niggas that's pullin' ya card

The niggas that show we got nothin' but heart...(Bone Thugs)

Now who was the niggas that come to my side when its about murder

My niggas'll hurt ya

ya better believe it, we comin' to serve ya... (Bone Thugs)

We be them niggas foe life

Mentality tight, doin' what we like

Now who was them niggas that told ya to get down foe ya rights... (Bone Thugs)

Now who be the niggas that step in the club makin' everyting pause

So fresh, so clean, no flaws

who be the rawest clique you done saw... (Bone Thugs)

Damned right, we keep it original out fo' the door

We hit 'em up quick with a flip flow flow and then we introduce you to

Mo!... (Bone Thugs)

The niggas that reignin' supreme

Hustled to conquer our dream, dream

Forever untouchable team

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