If I Could Teach The World

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


Why do I stay high?
Why do I stay high, high, high, high?
Why do I stay high?
Why do I stay high, high, high, high?

Why do I stay high?

why do I stay high?

If I could teach the world (whole wide world)
to be a thug n' harmony, harmony
Then I would teach the world (whole wide world)
To be a thugsta just like me (like me)
Verse 1-

How many mo' thugstaz in tha dirt can you see?
grindemly so we should get ready for eternity,
cuz I know god ain't shitty
ready to roll wit' da poll like wicked
like Mr. Policeman, and talk like....gunna
puff in yo' face
and then pray fo' tha polotitians freely
gotta aim me, the last days of the last day, day,
Verse 2-

That's why I get high (x2)
I'm holdin' unda my soul
and I don't know where they go
with tha hos
then when I go go
gotta remember tha day
cuz I gotta get in it my own,
with bone bone bone
mo' thuggin through your town
speakin' about those days
when I waz talkin to your spastic child
then bone, and I can't go wrong
cuz you know you like my sound
so I'll turn it on cuz you love
that thuggish ruggish bone bone bone
Crossroadz and goin' around' tellin' us
to try to find these lost worlds
It meant so much that my worlds are like
love jones and we don't wanna stop bone
so please don't shoot one, no
And if I could teach the world
to be a thug like me,
probably be thuggin' in heaven eternaly...
Verse 3-

Every day the world goes round n' round
I see it's a small world after all
cuz I can go meet a group of my fans
n' smake a little weed with ya'll
but every now and then I gets caught in a playa hation
loc, what's wrong with this nation?
me erase em'
but if I could teach the to be a thug just like me
you could live your life style worrior free
in the arms of the lord eternaly
no mystery, but check the essents of the story
a worrior, waste land worrior so true
devine, it's mine East 1999
it's where you'll find all of my kind every time.

Verse 4-

if I, If I
we still united
and full undevided
my thugs are tha titles
the cutaz and cutaz
they don't need to find us
the killaz & fightaz
the critics & writaz
cuz they step back down on our story
the worrior,worrior there fo' share
It's the THUGS, mo and mo and mo..
Verse 5-

I got,we got too much shit to get
and shit to give
Lazy but it's still we livin' on tha force
of these little kids
come on'.....all ya'll follow me
even though we know the way to go.
Follow me (x2) bone
and that's why I stay high
cuz I got shit to deal wit'
the government and these playa hataz out 2 kill Wish
wanna hurt this
but uhh uhh
I got 2 mo' thug niggaz you just can't fuck with,
artillary you can't come with
nigga better lay rest...shhh..
to tha little boys n girls all over tha world
this shit that we say from the streets,
not for you to go and do uhh..
to repeat, please, if I can, no more murder
must I say if we can, no more muder

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