Lodi Dodi

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony



gotta say whats up to my nigga slick Rick

fo those who don't like it, eat a dick.

but for those who wit me, sing dat shit.

as it go a little something like this.

lodi dodi. we likes to party. we don't cause trouble,

we don't bother nobody. We're just some niggas who

on the mike, and when we walk up

up on the mike we rock the mike. (Right!)

for all my dogs keepin yall in health.

Just to see u smile and enjoy yourself. cus its cool

when u cause a cozy condition in, which we create

cuz thats our mission. So listen close to what we say

because this type of shit happens everyday.

I woke up around ten o clock in the mornin and gave myself a

stretch up a mornin yawnin.went to the bathroom to wash

up. I threw some soap up on my face and put my hands up

on a cup and said uh

"mirror mirror on the wall. who is the top dog of them all?"

there was a rubel double, five minutes it lasted.

The mirror said, "you are you conceited bastard."

well thats true, thats why we never have no beef.

so i slipped of my khakis and my gold leaves

use oil of L.A cus your skin gets pale. and then i got the file for my fingernail.

im true to the style on my behalf. I threw the bubbles in tub so i can

take a bubble bath. Clean, dry was my body and hair.

I threw on my brand new doggy underwear.

For all the bitches i might bring home, i got the johnson baby

powder and coolwater cologne.

now im fresh, dressed like a million bucks.

Threw on my white socks with my all blue chucks.

stepped out the house stopped short. Oh no!

I went back in, i forgot my indo.

then i dearly dally,i ran through an alley, i bumped into this smoker

named sally from the valley.

This was a girl playing hard to get so i said whats wrong

cus she looked upset she said

Its all because of you. im feelin sad and blue.

u went away. now my life is filled with rainy days.

i loved u so, how much u'll never know.

cus u took ur dope away from me.

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