Show' Em

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Bizzy Bone/Layzie Bone &Krayzie Bone:

Shit, who Bone Thugs?

Hell yeah Bone Thugs

Man them niggas broke up a long time ago

Nigga what the fuck you talking bout?

Mmm huu.

Shit Nigga

I'll tell you one thing

Ain't nothing like that buddah lova bomb shit baby

You right about that shit right there

You know, Is that right?

Heh heh

Nigga you gotta be kidding me..


Nigga give me a drink!

Here nigga, here some Hennessy

Man, them niggas can't be dying

Bone Thugs Negro

Dont know where you are?

It can't be over!

It ain't over with nigga, what you talkin' bout?

Nigga gimme a drink.

And tha haters can't stand it.

They can't believe it. Bone Thugs~N~Harmony

Ha ha ha, goddamn right nigga!

Ruthless Records.

What, What Rest in peace Little Eazy Godfather.


Better call the police!

Bone Thugs~N~Harmony, 2000 muthafuckas!

Our Father who Art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name

Bizzy Bone:

Will they prostitute me? (2x)

Stay under surveillance

Get out tha county, this nigga ain't got all my fuckin' jewelry

Local niggas, got me fucked up Bone Thugs bitch

Runnin' and we thuggin' it up

Look at a creepin' on ah come up

Ooooh, we don't wanna murda ya, and it's so mysterious

How many niggas wanna kill us will they run up?

Come kill me hater, murder with the ak.

Play our, play our C Town, all the way through T Town.

Northcoast keep goin.

Ready for the Midwest invasion

y'all niggas keep growin

but know that I know we was saken

fuck shit some niggas can't take it, respect that.

But we poets and if you don't squash it, fuck some rap shit.

I be on some many mack your ass attack shit.

Ready to back that.

Now who rollin?


Krayzie Bone:

Krayzie up in this muthafucka

Nigga I'm rollin', and ain't leavin' this muthafucka untill somebody dead!

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