Facts Don't Lie

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

[Chorus: Flesh-n-Bone {Layzie Bone} (Krayzie Bone)]
'Creepin' On Ah Come Up' from sunup to sundown. Movin', we get up and get around.
{Facts don't lie!} (Uh huh, uh huh, Uh huh)
Where snoozin' is for loosers, that's something we can't allow!
No matter what, we holdin' it down! {Facts don't lie!} (Uh huh, uh huh, Uh huh)

[Krayzie Bone:]
Hey! Run up on me nigga you better be ready with your heat.
If you wanna know if I'm really a "G" then get out your car and come see!
And I'm like a battering-ram, knockin' them bustas flat on their back.
I'll show 'em how bad I am – the baddest when it comes to this rap!
My nigga now Flesh is home. Bizzy Bone – he's still insane.
And I'm still hangin' with with Lay. This nigga Wish Bone – he ain't changed.
D.J. U-Neek supplied the beat, that nigga's still creepin' up on ah come-up! (Yeah!)
They sayin' the thugstas fell off, they washed up, they done! What?!
We claimed and we say the game is done! A hot rapper that ain't used Bone's flow?
Name me one... I'll wait! (I'll wait)...
Nigga it is what it is, we made it do what it do, just remember this here! Uh huh!

[Layzie Bone:]
This for my aces and my spades! All of my N.W.A's,
All of my above-the-law niggas knowin' the tricks of the trade.
Hey! It's like a pay day nigga! FLESH gon' call it a LAY day, nigga.
I'm a call it a KRAY day nigga, you BIZZY, WISHin', this mayday, nigga!
I got an AK nigga like my name was Jeremy.
My heart like Stew's nigga, so these niggas is scared of me.
They don't compare to me, never gonna get ahead of me! Money the mission – it better be.
Livin' my life Heavenly. These streets is watchin' me – studyin' B-O-N-E.
The hustle is really in me, so money – we makin' plenty.
'Bout the skills and the bills. Still collectin' for the thrill.
So I'll with the real. I just tell the bear to chill!


My niggas we at you on a do or die mission!
It's about to get ugly for you, we threw the bait and they took it now since they hooked,
Flesh will cut 'em up something lovely! and serve em one hell of a platter,
Worse than a natural disaster! They should've expected this chapter!
But! There's no way to prepare plus they game ain't ready for it!
Themoriginal thugs, got something that'll shut all you bitch niggas up!
Trust! that facts don't lie! Stack's about to take flight!
No tellin' how long that ass'll gone nap when I cut off your fuckin' light switch!...
Shakin' you niggas up with each medley. So heavy it's deadly still the rawest of reaper melody.
Fresh off the main line. From the pen and the county right back to the block,
No matter where we at we holdin' it down "G"!

[Wish Bone:]
Some of you niggas got soldiers - how many of you got it that need to have a hole in em,
wanna lay back, wanna stretch that... and pop a cold one huhh. like "Fuck!"
Ain't too many that can walk in my shoes!
I never think of losin', I do my part with a lot heart so I suggest you stay up out of my ozone
and listen so it's clearly in the block with that top gone (top gone!)
Don't pretend I'll bust first 'cause that's if they do fear and now you wanna argue...
getting back would be my new career retire on that ass...
You sick with that flow but I'm so quick with that grab and blast!
You sensitive niggas get shattered like broken glass! So we can do my thugstas like whoa!
Silence is all you hear, and ain't nobody talking! You just gone. Play with me, nigga!


[Outro: Bizzy Bone {Krayzie Bone}]
These are the signs of time, time, time. {Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh} [x3]
These are the signs of time, time, time.

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