Can't Give It Up

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

[Krayzie Bone]
There's always something you got to give up
If you want everything you want (4x)

[Krayzie Bone]
My life is a jungle
I struggle
Monday through to Sunday
They told me the world is mine
But shit, I don't know, hey who rollin
I keep it in mind, that I'm still hungry, still hungry
Lost and lonely
So I holler at the voices of the wind as a friend
But I been thinkin it's endin back in the day
Cuz I had visions of bad decisions
Knew niggas were going straight
Although we pray and we pray
We knew, but see wanna make'em lose
No more united, divided
We fall, nigga ain't hard
We are gon fuck up cards
But don't complain
Just play the hand that you was dealt
You played your match, you prevail
You play your own in the field
It ain't hard to deal
When you been hit up for self destruction
Cuz I could look at a piece of a puzzle
It ain't all love involved
Everything you was dissolved
We all hard as pump, but together we roll
And there ain't a nigga that can fuck wit that
We split it one time
My nigga wassup wit that
And we doggin in, should of been
Was pretnedin you'll be friends
We was taken by that snake in the grass
Should of slicked the nigga fast
He ain't the motherfuckin snake in the grass
We drived by cars, and he hit us silence like violence
Now are family reunion ???????????

[Bizzy Bone]
There's always something you got to give up
If you want everything you want(4x)

I was never some solo shit
Always gotta roll and blow
Head off and dead off
You don't know me, don't tell me you love me
When I was lonely and my parents died
All of my niggas came to get drunk
And thanks for comin, I'm so stressed out over the death
And I take my breath, puff my cigarette
I think the world is just collapsin
But I'm still rappin
Gettin it all off my chest
Lackin, back to action
When the po was high, low he laughin
Family was rashin, killas was havin
When wally passed and he asked you
Wasn't it tragic, when we ask you
If it'll ever come back so hard
We gotta do some views
And beaten around the bush, maybe I'm sorry
It's all in the same
For in the blood, fuck it Layzie
Last night I liked that way

[Wish Bone]
You see me
I ain't givin up a motherfuckin thang
It's hard to come by
And I aint about ?????? some robberies
And walkbys
You don't want that
Neither do I, but I will, I will
Cuz I'm a hustler, a hustler
High til I die, I'm gonna get mine nigga
If it mean murder then shit fuck it let me fry
Hangin niggas pussy nowadays
But then I'm a hustler just like you
Don't bring that shit my way

[Layzie Bone]
Well if it's something you can't give up
To get everything you want(4x)

Thugged out nigga, turned out nigga
Runnin wit niggas thats killas the realers
That be Shermed out nigga
Being my prophecy
Ain't no stoppin me
Comin through the mothburg shottie
I really don't wanna hurt nobody
Just kill off Kiluminati
Fuck the D-A the F-B-I-R-S
You kiss my ass, you see
P-D, F-C-C
You better do before a nigga blast you, blast you
Hit'em up like Bobby, take'em hostage
Terrorize the torches, your ghetto resources be pay back, pay back
Little lay dat, your nigga was scrilla
And Bitch I thought you knew
Gotta a beam on me
I gotta beam on you
You fuck wit me
I'm gonna fuck wit you
Bitch...., like it always been
Yall bitches gon have to kill me, Feel me!!
You gonna have to pop me
To even try to stop me from grindin
I'm leavin you blinded by the skies of Mo Thugs do you find us
All the niggas know what's hood life
But the streets gotta get they good life
A nigga rolled out just can't get out
Punk ass, I gots to face it
All the dreams I have of a Big thang
You still gon face it

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