What's The Deal


[Featuring Kenny Greene]


Light the trees up, let this apervesence ease up

Don't freeze up, postition yourself wit your knees up

Believe what? It's all street talk, can we please fuck?

Gotta catch a flight tonight, count some G's up

Headed for the Windy City, Chi-town

Do a nigga right, you might get slide down

Show you new sights, give you a feel of what the crew's like

Blew tight, casts who take money move right

Pursue heights, playin' my part from off top

Young playa hit a big score called props

Call shots, we can party 'til the ball drop

But Boo it's on you, slide through before the door lock

Don't be afraid just the things some do

Unbelievable, but still the illest things come true

Felt ya city chest, did yo' best to be a C.O.

Summertime, Zodiac sign, bless the Leo

Just show love, leave all the rest to me

And we can do this professionally (professionally)

CHORUS: [Kenny Greene]

Come get your love tonight

Everything will be alright

Don't you worry 'bout a thing

Once you feel the joy I bring

You'll be alright


Everyday another work day, that's what you say

But today it's your birthday, Lady let's play

Leave behind all these crabs, and snakes, they dead weight

Got a cabin upstate, somewhere to getcha head straight

Take a break from the routine, a new vibe

Different way to try to do things, you're too live

Saw your ex-man, see he got a new Lex land

Tryin' to ?flan? wit some cats I knew who ran scams

He know 'bout how we get down goin' out

Designer Anclinin', shinin', showin' out

You led me on, thought he was real, but bet I'm wrong

Fed since you left him for dead, his head is gone

It's the same song, so many seem to relate

And search for a new life, dreams to be straight

Just show faith, and leave all the stress to me

And we can do this, most definately (most definately)

CHORUS [Kenny Green]