I'm back first and foremost; I'd like to thank Nas

For allowing me to have be on the Illmatic, and that Stillmatic Joint

Changed the game a whole lot, secondly I'd like to thank the Notorious B.I.G.

Who put Brooklyn on the map, you the revolution of that era

And all the artists that came after the era we started

I'd like to Thank the East Coast, West, the North, Dirty dirty

This is my story, welcome me back

For all those I still speak to guess we still peoples'

Life's more peaceful when you low and you eating legal

Certain niggas never spoke now it's peace to see you

It's a different side 'cuz it's the streets too, pleased to meet you

Just think I was a thief and kieful

Sold coke even dabbled in a bit of diesel

Scare ridded saw the light and I slid wit it, left the life

But for the price I can live wit it we all pawn

Know a few niggas that's coming home

Could see 'em now in that '86 summer zone

Hope they adapt, whatever led niggas to smoking cracks

Knew a few that went too far for me to coach 'em back

What a waste, this little blood niggas'll cut ya face

Catching a case'll make you fuck around and touch your safe

This all I know, intelligence is all I show

I'm from the roots and the truth is that I love the doe, welcome me Back huh

You attract some of the baddest when you platinum status

That's why I stay with prophylactics after what happened to Magic

Six days of my creation had to relax on the Sabbath

Remember asking certain niggas to past me a package

I was blind moving ass backwards

But you can bet it was the grind that made the cash massive

Back on my feet, accapella used rap to no beats

On the run, dun, was the first one to clap at police

I ever saw, can never catch me in the presents of flaws

Push the Accord in '94, Mack11 in the board

Who wanna bring it? Since Nas, niggas swore I was Queensbridge

That's surprising from the wise I was taught to be lenient

Move in silence, my moms claimed my music wa