Trial Of The Century


[Featuring Foxy Brown, Panama P.I.]


Just like a motion picture, gun fire froze a nigga

Compose the liquor, caused me to stager, stumble over quicker

Duckin' low, wit the four four, tryin' to bust and blow

Empty out before the Po Po come bust the show

Sobered up, knew it was beef, but over what?

Been in the cut, escapin' these streets, they cold as fuck

Tuck my chain in, rose to my feet, no time for aimin'

Back arched, all you saw was sparks, niggas blazin'

One fell, callin' for help, heard him yell

My last shell, tore through his spine, it's time to bail

It's slow motion, dust in my clothes started ?boatin'?

It's bizarre copin', my blood flowin' like the Art Of Goshen

Thoughts racin', hit the corner slow pacin'

No destination, it's up North a nigga facin'

CHORUS: Panama P.I.

If we all gonna die, I'm prepared to meet my maker

But before I touch that death bed feel, I gotta see some paper

Keep my head to the sky, won't let no one pull us down

Do whatever it takes, cuz that's the breaks, money make this world go



I pleed innocent, the love for my freedom is infinite

Thoughts was intimate, I mastered the minds, the mortal 10 percent

Self Defense, incarceration couldn't help repent

Caught in commotion at the time I felt it, felt intense

Him or me, it's misery through my memory

But mentally, outcome wise I feel no sympathy

You know the streets, how some niggas could go for weeks

Rock you slow to sleep, play you for doe, now you know it's beef

Know it's deep, I live my life on the creep

Tinted Jeeps, bulletproof coupes move Mystique

Foxy Brown: (AZ)

Let him speak, my dogg is innocent

It was my gats (Boo I got this), this cat named Roberto it's certain

Desert Ease in my skirts end

Let my nigga live (Oha), while I breed us up a kid

Face this little bi - tch


No explanation, speedy trial, fuck the extra waitin