[Featuring Missjones]

Chorus: i wanna chill (Chill) on sugar hill (its so lovely, so lovely)

AZ's for real (oh he's for real) he's for real (its so lovely sippin



At times i wanna watch out the Mariot, zoning on owning co-ops,

foreign drop top coups, and yachts guzzling straight shots a scotch,

formulating up plots ta escape from Salems lock cuz its scorching hot,

making it hard trying ta figure who's out ta trap me, Pataki, got all

kinds of undercovers coming at me, perhaps he, won't be happy, til


snatch me, and place me where half slacks be, sitting in Catsaki, but

never me, see, my destiny ta be forever free, in ecstacy, on a hill

that awaits for me, so plus, just ta visualize is like a coke rush,

vivid enough ta make living this a must, plus this is real


first line & (sugar hill baby, sugar hill baby)

second line & (ayo son pull the shades down and lets count this money

put the grants in the safe, cuz we spending the jacksons, the

washingtons go to wify, ya know how we do)

No more cutting grams, and wrapping grands up in rubberbands, i'm a

recovered man, our plans ta discover other lands, suburban places got


seeking for oasis, cristal by the cases, ladies of all races with dime

faces, sex on the white sand beaches of Saint Thomas, though this


promised, I'm as determined as them old timers, I wanna villa in a


Rica, so i can smoke my reefer and enjoy how life supposed ta treat

ya, laid in the shades of the everglades, finally forever paid,


the finest fabrics tailors ever made, me and my team, carrabeans

forseen, i guess being down for so long i'm all in store ta see my



so until i see past the green pasture, me being supreme master, ain't

much more life ta feind after, but another chapter, a new way of life


adap ta, cuz these streets a gas ya,and have ya caught up in the


de ja vouz, i could vision my killa crew,