Hey Az


[Featuring SWV]

What's the deal son?

Herm Fiasco

It's the world famous AZ Show

For the world (AZ Show)


No doubt, time to mellow out

Party at the yellow house, yell it out

Invites only, don't tell no slouch

How you feel around some made cats, really on chill

Laidback with the Alize, merely's conceal

Conversatin' like some whore pimps caught in the mix

Wasn't taught shit stressed out supportin' your bitch

Let the eyes shine, easing my mind with white wine

It's your lifeline, sqeezing my nine the right time

'K imma floss life, feds almost bagged the guard twice

Bizare nights move on the grace of a lost light

All them horney whites feeling like Christ with the army

Tight cons be writing all my life

It's based upon on how you burning incense

With intents to school the infants

The rules are different so for those that chose to listen

It's a dice game, never know, plans might change

Stay in your price range, far from the stress of night pains


Hey AZ won't you play that song

Keep me fucked up (fucked up)

All night (all night)

Hey AZ won't you play that song

Keep me fucked up (fucked up)

All night (all night)

Long (fucked up, all night)

Long (fucked up, all night)


So many deaf and blind got caught up or left behind

I guess bacardi lime gave me my strength to go the extra nine

Next in line, slow G-ing, low key-ing

Me and the crew win the gold B.M. O.D-ing, top speed

Blowing through the sweet night breeze where ever life leads

Anything's better besides a tight squeeze, sliced cheese

Even my pieces put your nice V's dress precisely

Hoping soon will be the wifey, it's working well

Process words up in the pro's you sell, a urban hell

Playing park benches, burning L's

It's all basics, probation, open cases

We ill natured, being trained young from hatred

Trapped in the arms of satan, congregatin'