The Pay Back



Yeah son, I know you can hear me man

shit been crazy in the hood since that happen, hu

but I found out the cat that did that, word to minds

I'ma see him in a minute son, hu, it's on

{Lawrence Fishburn from Hoodlum: "Get ready for your final thrill."}


I know the clubs where you rock at, the spots you cop at

Keep frontin' nigga, showin' ya Roley, getcha watch snatched

Watch that, know where your moms shop at

Gotcha block mapped and ain't afraid to push ya top back

That's what you get when you borrow shit, and never pay back

So nigga say that, frontin' like you can't lay flat

You a rat, plus you started this beef from way back

Cats you sip wit, even feel you on some flipped shit

Thought I was twisted

Beat that, been home since Christmas

Got the word where your bird live, out in L.I.

From this next bitched named Trista sell lye in Bed Stuy

So nigga what now? Got the whole game fucked now

Who you trust now? See you tinted up your truck now

No need to back track, next time know who you blast at

For gettin' black clapped, got your cousin killed and nap napped

Now the streets know, nuttin' left for us to keep low

Never sleep though, on point and make a nigga reach low

Up in Brooke Dale, heard my little man took 12

Jagged hook shells, doctors claim he don't look well

Left his mom stressed, now it's time to bomb the projects

Teflon vest, four pounds could make your palm sweat

Put the word out, so vexed I even curse your bird out

She don't deserve clout, flippin' wit the cotton herb mouth

On Pottemscott, me and Wop, nickel gats cocked

The way we popped uo so shocked, niggas made our backs rock

Broad daylight, y'all hustle fake, and don't play right

Holdin' shit wit broken clips that spit, but don't spray right

Clothes, cars & ice, hard to remember starvin' nights

Niggas startin' fights, Narcs in the dark, cold cloggin' pipes

Starvin wifes, used to buy w