AZ )


Now dig

You got, rich niggas right

They do what they wanna do

Ha, and u got

Broke niggas, u heard?

They do what they gotta do

Now ask yourself, which one are you

Ha., fall back

( Chorus )

I had some problems

And no one could seem to solve them

But you found the answer

Told me to take this chance

Verse 1 - ( AZ )

Soakin in Remy

Sittin back smokin a twenty

Shit is scabby

The hustlin is so in me

Never so envy, got a style on max

I'm like Po

Packin eighty four

Now smile at that

Unseen when I'm low

But still right in your face

I'm so skinny

But that semi-autos right in my waist

From Jags to Jeeps

????? with them raggedy seats

Just imagin how I'm movin if we had any beats

Beats relax me

Good cheeba keeps me nasty

Lower the smoke when I see the G's creepin past me

Duckin a notch

?? bustin Dutches apart

Love pussy wit pretty lips

When u fuck it it fart

?frina fro?

Freak for the rims that glow

Rock Timbs in the summer or ten below

Blood in streets

The signs of the drugs thats deep

I'm just another nigga next up, tryin to eat

( AZ )

You Know!

Not a soul baby!

It's all for yall now

( Chorus )

Verse 2 - ( AZ )

But it seems y'all would rather

See me hit

Then see my rich

Get bagged over some bullshit

Then see me snitch

Hopin some days old bitch will leave me sick

Like I'm a sucker for love wit some easy dick

I did dirt through my days