Last Days


[Featuring Monifah]



Close your eyes, fly with me

Spark your lye, get high with me

Raise your glass with me

Come inside see

Come on, come on

Close your eyes, let fly with me

Light your lye, get high with me

Raise your glasses

Verse 1: AZ

Yo, blesses to the young ones trapped in the world

Never hate the next man that be tappin your girl

It's just a hype, shoot anythings a man vision thru life

Help me to understand the chosen ones livin thru Christ

Blinded time from so many signs shown from greed

Tryin to calculate all the funds I blown from weed

Started out just a young shorty, wakin the rules

Turnin out to be the wise, educatin the fools

So many lost in these last days, closed curtains

Tryin to change from my past ways, I'm soul searchin

Diggin deep, tryin to feel within, it's real ill

Takin time just to chill with friends we still bill

Always told when I kick it with moms, to stay strong

Watch out for them bitches that's wicked, they play wrong

Keep your game strong, maintain yourself and live

Star bless the kids, soon sometin gotta give

Chorus: Monifa

The last days, are comin

Towards you, it's time to build

I need a time that's real

The last days, are comin

Towards you, it's time to build

AZ turnin the deal

Verse 2: AZ

You got to know when your end is near, I been there

Seen years disappear in thin air, nobody wins here

Swore on the population, we fightin blind

For sure, we need to stop the hatin, enlightin minds

Many die from a tragic death, in cold blood

Behoggin niggas lost or lack respect, show love

Sometime I wonder, was we ever free? High officials

they move so cleverly, don't ever sleep

Got my mind on the proverbs, ecclesiastics

These Bible words, so absurb, I read em backwards

They open doors, gave me a cause to stay swift

And reward, it gave me the sword to stay rich

Understandin is the best part, besides that

I f