Hoe Happy Jackie


Guy- "What's up AZ?"

AZ - "Maintainin' G"

Guy- "I'm sayin' tough titties somebody gotta suck it, I'm casin the

joint what's up?"

AZ - "I'm sayin' there mad dime bitches up in here though."

Guy- "Let me tell you though, it ain't time to subtract & add on."

Jackie- "How you doin' AZ?"

AZ - "Oooh you definitely thick no question."

Jackie- "Yeah, but it cost."

Guy- "Yo man give me change for a penny, I pay for that, I know who

you is Hoe Happy Jackie."


Whoever thought that, that sweet thing born model material

That hated hot cereal, could grow to be a high silly hoe

Really though it's a shame for this damn thing

Cuz everything's brand name

when will she get enough of these damn games?

Struttin' wit her unbuttoned blouse like it ain't nuttin'

Draggin' her wagon, knowin' fellas be flaggin' & frontin'

Hopin, by keepin' her gear, wear, & hair dope &

Some really Big Willie nigga'll dig her and get open

And give her what only a tenderoni would deserve

She got some nerve thinkin' every nigga's a herb

That goes around trickin' on every chicken that he's stickin'

Male of female, whoever cats that need and ass kickin'

Cuz if it's more than one fella tryin' to get wit her

To hell wit the fly, she only sliddin' wit the highest bidder

But if you aks me

She's nothin' but a nasty, money hungry, unclass, Hoe Happy Jackie

Guy- "Yo, son word to mother, let's keep it real, that bitch ain't

nuthin' but poison man, every nigga that bitch fuck wit

somethin' happen to, she see a pinky ring shine

she up in the nigga mug piece like he handlin'."


Check it, this one Jamaican wasn't fakin' wit the bacon

Cuz ever since him, she was on if I'm not mistaken

But then again, this money gettin' Dominican