How Ya Livin'


[Featuring Nas]

Nas: {Verse One}


Back to back Benzes, wit the wild gremlins

Gaudiere style lenses, talents in the 40 cal, this is

Life now, let me find out, you want the life style of mine

no pal of mine

Runnin' wit goons wit knife wounds from jail time

Got the squad lookin' like tycoon, we all shine

While we parle wit the flyest mommy of 25th street

Watch how honey in the Lex do it

I'm in the 6 V wit the 12 next to it

You wanna stick me, then put ya best to it

I die black, we see you in Allah Kingdom you try that

Check the fly cat, 2 point 5 multiply that

Cash rules, on my arm I flash jewels, and tatoos

You can look, but don't touch we bad news

AZ: {Verse Two}

American Me, elgancy, treasury

Wit the hopes to be rich before the bury me

Born a Baptist, but moved on to higher practice

My fire ashes, only macks I interact wit

We all Dons, strong arm, all on calm

But if it's war we on, comin' for niggas who crossed me wrong

Select features, sit back connect the pieces

Inject the thesis, spoke to my pops and left him speechless

He saw me sprout, goin' through worlds that wore me out

Never call me out, bitches and money, that's what we all about

Through all the routes landed here, beach houses wit the chandaliere

Me & my crew, mad cans of beer

It's copin', live vibe, still eyes open, it's clear

Presidential Suites at the Tangiere



How you livin' on your block?


Mines is hot, how you livin' on your block?


I got it locked, what's goin' down on your side, who got shot?


Same shit dun


Yeah, alright I'll meet you up top


Yo it's hard to shake this feelin' that I might get knocked


Dun you know it don't stop, we can't close up shop

AZ: {Verse Three}

VVSin', nuttin' less than how we steppin'

Coupes kidded, cuties wear the sleazy dress &