Gimme Your's


[Featuring Nas]

Intro: Nas

Gimme, just gimme, for the NYC

Gimme what you can't get back

Gimme, why don't you gimme the world

Gimme what you can't get back, for the five burroughs

Verse 1: AZ

Yo, it's hard to show resistance when money-gettin niggas

need my assistance to stock figures, beyond non-existence

Fuck keepin my distance, cos bein poor produced persistence

Plus plea's, a hundred G's, I had me blockin out of jail centres

I'm recognised by the illest of individuals

Killers and criminals, even willies that's really into jewels

But still sceptic on who I cling to

Cos every single nigga that swing thru, ain't my man just cos we


To mistake shit, even females be feedin off that fake shit

Filled with envy and hatred but my high hopes help me escape it

Temporarily the window world, don't read the wise

Verbally nourish me, properly with that inner city, urban GC

I fucked with those beyond my age bracket

cos they analyse and mack to get the papers and stack it

Leavin no trace to track it, keep on thinkin tappers is accurate

That mack shit, livin the lifestyle, we filled with black wit

Chorus: Nas, (AZ)

Just gimme (Pimp lines and dollar signs)

Just gimme (Rollin trees, stackin G's)

Gimme what you can't get back (True dat, I thought you knew that)

Just gimme (Money getters, the high bidders)

Why don't you gimme the world (rollin wit us)

Gimme what you can't get back, for the five burroughs

Verse 2: AZ

So in God I trust, I lust for a 850-deluxe

And in too, I touch a million-plus, ain't much to discuss

Diamonds and double-digits, Gianni Versace down with lizards

It's realism so I visualisin to live it

Movin cleverly wit intentions of longevity

Strong pedigree got me touchin papers, others would never see, G

So do the crest in my claw, flourescents

symbolises the essence, you're sailin in a sweppervescence

Drug investments, a street thug's plug, the insura