Betcha Don't Know


Intro/Chorus: (x2)

Betcha don't know what's goin on

If you don't know, we're gonna show you, oooohhhh

It's on now, New Year, pop the pain

Sun blaze thru the grey cloud, stop the rain

Shear shirts by Chanel, baby, feel the breeze

Drop top, me and shorty, while she be at my knees

Let the wind blow, low fade, peep the glow

Know my style from the foul days, keep it low

Got new plans, worldwide, livin the life

Any chick I make wife gon' shiver tonight

Know the game, it's ups and downs learnin the ropes

26 years of age, just learnin to cope

Came a long way but still got so far to go

So by now, I guess you know, talk to me

Chorus (x2)

What if we all had minds alike? Thought the same

Only few was taught to get this, divorce the game

Visualized as a young cat, saw the dream

Get large, shit hard, and assorted CREAM

So many came that I saw and went wise on my ways

Made livin for me more intense, divided my days

Weekends, party nights, raffled the stakes

Love sophisticated women, those that rather you wait

Tipped it off from the finest juice to 90 proof

Rocked it all, from designer suits to climbin boots

All in the summertime, workin the courts

Lookin mommy wit them thick legs, hurtin them shorts

So many ladies in the world today searchin for mates

Got these non-players perpin for dates, hold up

Give me love if you've got it in ya, hot as Virginia

Hot enough for me to slide this up in ya

Chorus (x2)

Got the solar, Nat King Cole in his prime

So behold that, shoes unfold in each rhyme

Move accordin like the Chosen Ones roamin the Earth

Gettin head until I'm dead, decompose in the dirt

Play the same spot, bitch cast, lost it all

Rollin dice and G you're better, now you forced to ball

Havin fun at the main event, toastin cups

Quarter pieces tryin to get yours roastin up

Play the game if you got toys to match your words

You a vet, throw your net, nigga, catch some birds

Only a