Welcome My Son

Adam Sandler

Welcome my son to your very first day

So proud to be the one

Who brought you this way

I love you with all my heart

And my love is here to stay

But I can't help worrying

Will you eventually smoke weed?

Soon enough you'll be walking

You and me hand in hand

The silly words you'll be talkin'

Only daddy can understand

We'll go out making snowmen

Building castles in the sand

And all the time I'm thinking,

Will this kid end up smokin' weed?

But time keeps on going

And you keep on growin'

You're now six years old

You're getting so good at your spellin'

But my mind is always dwellin'

On the fact that you

Could be the kind of guy

Who grows up and needs

To smoke weed on the couch

All the time

All the time

So answer me this while

You're lying in your little bed

Why must you insist on bein'

Such a fuckin' pothead?

There's other things in life

That can make you feel good

But you just keep on smokin' your herb

You can't get enough of

Your precious, precious reefer

Where you getting all this money

To buy so much Hawaiian dope?

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