Tollbooth Willy

Adam Sandler

Welcome to Wester dollar 25 please

Hey how ya doin tollbooth willy?

Good, thank for askin pa

Oh thats great you know considering you're a fucking idiot

Go fuck youself ya son of a bitch i'll come outta the booth and fuckin whack ya, ya fuckin prick

Hey Hey Willy how's it goin?

Hey can't complain pa how's about you?

Aw, great great, how much?

The state charge is a dollar 25 pa

That's fine, now should you i give you the money or should i shove the quarters directly up your fat ass he he

Why you fuckin hard on I'll fuckin cop n fist your fuckin head with a louiseville fuckin slugger whatd'ya think of that ass fuck

Hi Willy

Oh nice to see ya ma'am, not a bad day uh?

Well i'm a little lost can you help me out i hear you're the best with directions

Well i know my way around New England i can tell ya that much so where ya headin?

Well i was just wondering exactly which is the best way to drive up your ass, you know if you'd tell me i'd appreciate it you fuckin prick

You fuckin bitch fuck you, You forgot to pay the fuckin toll you dirty whore i'll fuckin drop you with a boot to the fuckin skull you cum guzziling queef

Hey Willy

Hey how are ya?

Here's a dollar 25 and go fuck yourself

Ah ya fuckin prick i hope you choke on a fuckin bottle cap ya fuckin son of a fuck eat shit eat my shit

Hello Willy good to see you

Hey Bishop Nelson nice to see ya that was quite a sermon you had the other day

Well i do my best

Dollar 25 Bishop

Dollar 25 Willy..Isn't that the same price your mother charges for a blow job you piece of dog shit

Oh have another one you fuckin lush, It's not my fault the bartender cut ya off last night ya fuckin douce bag


Well hey you want the money or should i just shove the quarters directly up your fat ass

Well i already heard that one you fuckin unoriginal bastard go suck a cock ya piece of fuckin repeatin shit


Oohh..Hi how are ya

Fine thank you how much is the toll please?

For you sweetheart it

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