Do It For Your Mama

Adam Sandler

[J.N.:] "I can make a bigger splash than you!"

[Jimmy:] "Oh yeah, give it a shot."

[While jumping up and down on diving board]

[J.N.:] "Can opener!"

[Big splash]

[Jimmy:] "Man, that one was huge."

[J.N.:] "You go."

[While running towards pool]

[Jimmy:] "Ahhhh, jacknife!"

[Jumps in and small splash]

[Tracy:] "That was a dud, Jimmy."

[Jimmy:] "Shutup, Tracy."

[Tracy:] "You shutup."

[Door opens, walks over]

[Momma:] "Lunch time kids."

[Kids yelling happily]

[Momma:] "I made some jelly sandwiches and sliced up some cantelope.

I figured you could eat a little food and and then maybe play with yer cock and balls fer a while."

[J.N.:] "I'm just gonna eat, mom."

[Momma:] "All right. And then maybe a little later, you can play with yer cock and balls fer momma."

[J.N.:] "I don't think so."

[Momma:] "Ok. Slow down Jimmy, yer already halfway done with yer sandwhich.

You're gonna get a belly ache."

[Jimmy:] "No I'm not. I'm hungry."

[Momma:] "I know, but you shouldn't so fast.

You're rushing honey, you're gonna choke. Put down your sandwhich and beat off your cock and balls for a little bit. Pace yourself."

[Jimmy:] "Oh god."

[Momma:] "Tracy, do you want some fruit or a sandwhich?"

[Tracy:] "No mom, I'm trying to lose weight. Guy said I'm getting fat."

[Momma:] "What? You look beautiful honey. He's crazy."

[Tracy:] "Guy said last summer I looked better in a bathing suit, so I'm gonna try to lose like three or four pounds."

[Momma:] "Awww, sweetheart.

You've got so much to learn.

Guy doesn't want you to lose weight, baby.

It's just his way of telling you he wants you to smack around his cock and balls some more, honey.

He's got some balls and some cock. You gotta stroke his schlong or at least bite his nuts."

[Tracy:] "Mom!"

[Momma:] "You're scared, aren't ya honey.

You want momma to help you?

Momma will stroke Guy's penis for him.

No one has to know. I'll sneak in when it's dark."

[Tracy:] "No! Mom, plea

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