Adam Sandler

[Moving Train]

"Next stop! Coopersville!"

[Two guys talking]

"Hey Buddy"


"How was the bathroom Buddy, pretty gruesome?"

"Buddy, I had to hold my breath Buddy!"

"Eheh Buddy, don't even tell me about it Buddy!"

"Buddy I know."

"Buddy, M&M's?"

"Chocolate me, Buddy!... Tasty Buddy!"

"Buddy definitely"

"Hey get in on this drink Buddy!"

"Buddy, don't mind if I do"

"It's a bloody, Buddy"

"Buddy, it's killer!"


"Sorry Buddy"

"Save me some Buddy!"

"Buddy I said I was sorry!"

"That's ok Buddy"

[Two more guys enter]

"Hey Dude!"

"Hey Buddy!"

"Dudes, you know this dude?"

"What's up Dude?"

"Hey Buddy"

"Buddy, sit down"

"Have some bloody Buddy"


"Dudes, here's a sixer, Budweiser time"

"Yeah, Bud Buddy"

"Yeah Dude"

"Cold ones Dude"

"Buddy, killer!"


"I'm buzzing Buddy!"

"Dude, I know!"

[Female walking by]

"Oh Dude, check it, she's killer!"

"I want some of that Buddy"

"Oh Buddy, save some for me"

"Dude, that's my ex-girlfriend"

"Oh, sorry Buddy"

"Just watch it Dude!"

"Hey lay off him Buddy"

"Dude, don't get him started"

"I said I was sorry Buddy"

"Dude, let's just drop it"


"It's cool Dude"

[Two more guys enter]

"Hey Homey's"

"What's up Homeys?"

"Hey Buddy"

"What's up Dude?"

"Just chillin' Homey&

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