Sloppy Joe

Adam Sandler


This is a song

This is a- this is a new song uh

It's uh through the eyes of one of the greatest

people alive I feel...The lunch Lady


I woke up in the morning

Put on my new plastic glove

served some reheated sausberry steak

with a little slice of love

I got no clue what the

chicken pot pie is made of

I just know everything's doing fine

down here in Lunch Lady Land

Well I wear net on my head

'cause my red hair is fallin' out

I wear these brown orthapiedic shoes

'cause I got a bad case of degout

I know you want seconds on the corndogs

but there's no reason to shout

Everybody get enough food down here

in lunch lady land

Well yesterdays meatloaf is today's

Sloppy joe's

and my breath reaks of tuna

and there's lots of black hairs

comin' out of my nose

In lunch lady land

your dreams come true

clouds made of carrots and peas

mountains built of shepards pie

and...rivers made of macaroni and chesse

but don't forget to return your trays

and try to ignore my gum disease

no students can escape the magic of

lunch lady land

Oh oh oh oh oh

Hoagies and grinders X3

Navy beans X3

Hoagies and grinders, Hoagies and grinders

navy beans, navy beans

meatloaf sandwich


sloppy joe slop, sloppy joe

sloppy joe slop, sloppy joe uh-hu

sloppy joe slop, sloppy joe uu-dah

sloppy joe slop, *pphhbbb* joe

dreamt one morning and I woke up to see

all the pepperoni pizza was'a lookin' at me

it screamed "why do you burn me and serve

up cold?" I said "I got the spatula,

just do what you're told"

Then the liver and onion started

joinin the fight

and the choclate pudding pushed me

with'a all it's might

then the chop suuie pushed me and it kicked me in the head "it's called revenge lunch lady"

said the garlic bread

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