You Win Again

The Bee Gees

YOU WIN AGAINBee GeesI couldn't figure whyYou couldn't give me what everybody needsI shouldn't let you kick me when I'm downMy babyI find out everybody know thatYou've been using meI'm surprised youLet me stay around youOne day I'm gonna lift the coverAnd look inside your heartWe gotta level before we goAnd tear this love apart(CHORUS)There's no fight you can't fightThis battle of love with meYou win againSo little timeWe do nothing but competeThere's no life on earthNo other could see me throughYou win againSome never tryBut if anybody can, we canAnd I'll be, I'll beFollowing youOh baby I shake you from now onI'm gonna break down your defensesOne by oneI'm gonna hit you from all sidesLay your fortress open wideNobody stops this body fromTaking youYou better beware, I swearI'm gonna be there one day when you fallI could never let you cast asideThe greatest love of all

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