The Bee Gees

IsraelBee GeesYou've had your troubles IsraelI've seen them allBut you put the writing on the wallIsrael Israel yeahYou know I've seen you fall so many timesI've cried for you and that's a crimeIsrael Israel IsraelWhere there's sand Where there's beautiful sand yeahYou know you got a kind of feelingThat's just grandTake me into your armsLet me be with youIsrael Israel IsraelI like the smiles up on your people's facesThey make you feel warm embracesAnd I want that kind of smilethat kind of smileIsrael you make the whole world think about youAnd if they don't they'll find a reason to shout about Israel IsraelYou're the only one Israel IsraelTell me all about it!Tell me all about itTell me all about itOh take me into your armsAnd make me feel your goodnessBe with me IsraelHey hey hey heyOh oh ohTake me into your armsLet me hold hold you to myselfOh I want to IsraelIsrael Oh take me back into into your armsIsrael Israel Israel IsraelIsrael

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