Living Eyes

The Bee Gees

verse 1:

Would you believe me if I told you your tomorrow is my yesterday.

But be alive , I know that we will.

The world keeps on moving but I'm holding still.

verse 2:

In the beginning I was far away and praying for my destiny.

That would arrive the moment you're born.

For we will be here when the mirracle comes.


Living eyes when under the sun don't cry.

No war in my mind.

The state of my heart.

Living eyes when out in the rain will fall.

The day I deny the face of my love.


We are of age, we are in time, we are forever.

Right now when the power is mine.

I leave you Heaven and the Earth ,I leave you never.

And living to love is the reason to shine.

verse 3:

I been over I been under I don't own a dream to analyse.

But living eyes you know that I do.

Believe in the soul and the magic of you.




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