Big Chance

The Bee Gees

People in their pride believe it's easier for them to leave

their problems in the arms of others , running to their mothers

Lasting love is such a funny thing

When you're in love you're on the wings

You're not in love, it's good for you

'cause you can do the things you want to do

It's you big chance , to take it baby

It's you big chance , you'll make it baby

When you're high and mighty you'll remember how I loved you

You'll be thinkin' how you hurt me when I needed you beside me

In the night is such a lonely time

I dream of you and that's a sign

It means that I am still a fool

And I am still so much in love with you

It's your big chance, so take it baby

It's your big chance, don't fake it baby

Big chance

Hot chance

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