Paying The Price Of Love

The Bee Gees

How did you find there was somebody

More than you want me

I never understood

Maybe I have never had you

But I have been lonely for you lately

I can't wait another day

And when you let me get you close to me

You run and leave me


Paying the price of love

The start of my end over you

When you're doing it for someone

Who'll never be free

Now is all ther will ever be

No more to live without you

All of the nights I dream about you


Deep in the dark of the night

I'm a man on a mission

But safer with you home

Never would I make you sorry

You are the only drug I crave

And I've been saving every day

I held it all inside

I pray you don't forget

You've got me


Paying the price of love

My heart in my hands over you

But the battle is just not fair

You'll never be free

That emotion is always replaying

You know the strongest heart is broken

When it falls

You turn and walk away and let it die

I've got this picture in my head

Of you in someone else's bed

And I am torn apart

I'm torn apart inside

I'll build my world around you

I was nothing when I found you

Paying the price of love


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