Rest Your Love On Me

The Bee Gees

Rest Your Love On MeBee Gees Maybe you don't know me anymore then I know youAnd I wouldn't blame you if you walked away I been watchin' you all evenin' with the teardrops in your eyesAnd it touches me much more then I can sayYou know I'd hate to think that someone could have hurt someone like youAnd if I was him , I'd be right by your side Lay your troubles on my shouldersPut your worries in my pocket Rest your love on me awhileLay your troubles on my shoulderPut your worries in my pocketRest your love on me awhile Saw you in the corner on the moment I walked in Saw your lonely face across the room No, I won't forget itAnd the way it might have been Why did you have to leave so soon You know I'd hate to think that someone could have loved you more than meAnd at times like this I'd be right by your sideHow long must I wait for the last train to be hereAnd the last chance to knowGet to think that I was born too soon How long honey, when the lovin' don't comeI was there when you left meJust didn't know how to begin

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